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Konsing group is not only offering space for placing your equipment, but can also help you with all other aspects in planning and constructing your telecommunication system which include:

  • Consulting services in selecting the wireless technology which is best suitable for your needs and in compliance with all the public regulations
  • Design of all of the required technical documentation for construction approval obtainment as well as all the needed certificates and licenses from the Serbian republic telecommunication agency (Situation plan, Idea project, Main project, Main adaptation project, Main project for installing telecommunication equipment, Main project for radio relay connection and etc.)
  • Help in acquiring all the needed licenses and agreements for planting and operating wireless telecommunication systems
  • Help in applying for interconnection with the networks of public telecommunication operators
  • Help in choosing and buying equipment that is best suited for your needs
  • Space renting on our existing towers for antenna placement
  • Space renting in our racks for your equipment and reserve battery power supply
  • Space renting for "outdoor" and "indoor" base station placement, racks for RR equipment, battery fields and other equipment
  • Preparing our locations for your equipment installment which includes:
    • Constructing and mounting various types of electrical cabinets
    • Constructing and mounting antenna and base station holders
    • Installing rack cabinets for equipment placement
    • Interconnection with the existing grounding systems
  • Mounting your equipment and activating it in the shortest possible time
  • Measuring and testing your mounted telecommunication system
  • Project design of your mounted telecommunication system
  • Regular and "on demand" maintenance

For each of the location there is a Main project with detailed drawings and equipment location.

Our clients are Telekom Serbia, VIP mobile and Telenor.


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